Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Run Paris!

Since the beginning of 2012 I have run along the seawall in Vancouver while enjoying the view of the mountains and the ocean, seen the parliament buildings in Ottawa when cruising along the canal and now I have experienced a route along La Seine while looking enjoying the view of Notre Dame, the bridges, and the tip of the Eiffel Tower. Pure bliss!

While all these routes have something in common (i.e. beauty and a body of water) the running cultures could not be more different!

Vancouver is full of lulu clad, super-fit, mega buff bodies running with very serious, and intent looks on their faces. It is so intimidating that if you aren’t going at a fast enough pace it almost feels like people could be judging your every move! Runners in Vancouver are everywhere, it is almost impossible to go outside and not see at least three or four.

Ottawa has a bit more laid back feel. People wear comfortable attire while running at any pace they see fit - pardon the pun.

Then there is Paris.

For a city known for it’s fashion, it is painfully obvious the running clothes were not counted in the poll! Outfits range from tight spandex to cargo shorts and deep v-neck t-shirts. I’m talking about cargo shorts with all the pockets - just to be clear. And I am usually the only one - even on an hour's run. I get the strangest looks when I'm out on a run, I end up looking like the weirdo in my lulus with Vancouverite practically tattooed on my forehead. But of course, no one out here knows about Lululemon…clearly. 

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  1. You'll have to take me on a running tour of Paris! ;-)