Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bringing BC to Paris

Much to my delight, on Thursday my friend Marie - a fellow British Columbian and UBC student - hopped on a bus from Leuven, Belgium where she has been studying abroad, and came to Paris for a three day weekend. From stopping to smell the flowers at the Eiffel tower, enjoying a picnic in the grass outside Sacre Coeur and walking along the Champs Elysees, we just about covered it all!

It was great to see a familiar face in a very unfamiliar city, and we had a blast trying new and different foods. Thursday was 'la Fete de la musique', which consisted of a citywide outdoor concert. Bands were playing all genres of music around almost every corner. From Soul to traditional French music and rap somewhere in there too, there was something for everyone. Allison joined us and we walked from band to band, and café to café sipping wine and enjoying the city.

We spent most of the next day walking…EVERYWHERE. Six hours lost in the streets of Paris, were pure bliss! Marie seemed to be totally blown away by the number of statues around the city and we started a rating system as to how important we thought the person was based on the size of their statue!

The picnic at Sacre Coeur was my favourite. We took the stairs to the top coming to the conclusion that by bypassing the funicular we had already burned our calories. There were artists all over the place and the region was pouring with tourists and locals alike. We enjoyed French bread, champagne, fruit and cheese while looking at the cityscape below us. We finished the trip with a walk through the grounds of the Louvre and Marie waved goodbye as she hopped on the metro!

Perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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