Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ready, Set...

Contrary to popular belief, Parisians are extremely helpful! Although I should add that looking helpless, dazed and confused might have lead to some 'pity-help' from people.

Finding my hotel for the first few nights was a challenge in and of itself! I was a metro virgin with two very heavy suitcases. Thankfully, a woman saw me looking at my map and not only gave me her metro map, but also carried one of my bags for me to my next train. On our walk, she explained the entire metro system to me! After that it was a breeze until I arrived at my stop, and after 16 hours of travelling I was a bit lost. Once again some very nice Parisians helped me on my way.

After many a wrong turn, followed by a rusty "Excusez-moi..." to every person I met, I eventually made it to my hotel and was able to prepare for my orientation the next day. 

Orientation was fantastic, I got lots of great information and it made me confident enough to go straight to a phone company and register for a French phone number! Discussing phone plans, options and payment schedules is never easy in your first language, let alone in your second; but some how I managed to stumble through it and landed my first international phone plan.

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