Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Making the Trip

As you can probably imagine, prior to boarding I made a 3 wishes: a) that I not be seated next to someone with bad B.O.; b) that a decent movie would play during the flight; c) that the food be remotely edible; and d) that I would be able to sleep.

I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised to see I had both a window and isle seat to myself not only solving the fear of having to plug my nose for 9 hours but also giving me a lot of space to stretch out for a snooze!

The surprises didn’t stop there! I was greeted in German and watched the most entertaining security demonstration I’ve ever seen. (3 minute safety video - hilarious). Who knew both Queen Elizabeth and Elvis Presley flew on Condor airlines!

The food was the typical unidentifiable airplane food, but wishing for some of chef Gordon Ramsay’s gourmet salmon on a plane was a long shot. Besides, I am travelling to a country where eating, making, and ordering food is practically a religion. Some crummy airplane food will quickly be forgotten with that first croissant and cafĂ© au lait.

The perfect welcome to Paris, however, was the sparkling wine served on my 1 hour flight from Frankfurt to Charles de Gaulle. I think I’m going to love being in a city where wine plays such a central role in daily life!

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