Friday, 8 June 2012


And did it ever ‘GO’!! Yesterday, I had plans to open a bank account and meet with an apartment agency, and ended up landing a job as well!

It went like this…

I was having a bit of a rough morning. I had been looking for the bank for almost two hours when, almost like in a movie, the sky opened up and it began to rain. Hard. You know when you think it couldn’t get any worse and then you see your reflection and realize it’s worse than you thought? I was beginning to resemble some sort of drowned rat. Now I know what you will say, how can a Vancouverite let this happen?! Leave the house without rain boots or an umbrella on a day with a chance of rain! Rookie mistake, I know.

Regardless, the rain washed away my plan to make my meetings and replaced it with the urgent need to find somewhere to dry off. That’s when I saw a perfect little patisserie to duck into. I ordered a coffee and a pastry, sat near the window, and tried to dry myself with the napkins the employees had given me. Once I was a bit warmer, I pulled out my cellphone only to see it was out of service – just my luck!

I swapped out my French sin card for my Canadian one just to see if it was working and that’s when I noticed an email from my orientation partner, Xavier, at SWAP. He emailed me to let me know a store owner had called him frantically searching an employee to start immediately for a few months. When Xavier mentioned me he said he wanted to meet me today. I explained that I was on my way to two other appointments and I wouldn’t have time. Xavier insisted I go and meet with Monsieur Dupuis. I polished off my coffee and ran back onto the streets to find the bank.

I managed to find both offices, landing an apartment in the process and quickly made my way to the gift shop. Monsieurs Dupuis was waiting for me and said “Vous êtes la Canadienne?!” All I had time to say was "Oui!" before I was hired.

I am now employed at a little gift shop directly in front of the Louvre. It is a family-run business and they own three gift shops in a row all of which seem to sell the same things. It is a husband and wife and their daughters work in the stores, as well as employees from all over the world. The only common language is French, however, so I guess I’ll be getting a lot of practice! I’ll be working only 3 days/week (Monday – Wednesday) allowing me to travel most weekends or just enjoy Paris on my days off!

I start this Monday, wish me luck!!

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  1. That's great, Allie! I can picture exactly where you're working from my visit to Paris 8 years ago. I'm jealous and am living vicariously through you.

    Félicitations et bonne chance avec votre nouvel emploi !