Monday, 18 June 2012

The Latin Quarter

There is a neighbourhood in Paris called the Latin Quarter - the Quartier Latin. It has a personality of it’s own. The streets are tiny and seem to wind around one another making it impossible to navigate. It is highly populated with cafes, restaurants and bars that people seem to pour in and out of. The Latin Quarter is probably one of the more lively parts of Paris. 

It got it’s name because Latin was the official language of the community until 1753 while the rest of Paris spoke French! Being nearby the university Sorbonne adds to the distinctiveness of the district.  

Friday night, I decided to check it out and brought Allison along with me. We went to a restaurant called La Bousole, which is known for serving French fusion. It was delicious! The atmosphere was very cozy and seemed to have all walks of life enjoying the food and ambiance. There was an assortment of ages of people and groups eating there too.

After dinner, we decided to see what the night life is like so we headed to a bar called Chez George. Never have I been to a bar quite like this. Packed full of 20 year olds holding bottles of wine in one hand and glasses in the other, the bar was bursting with people dancing to 50s music - no I am not joking!

It was impossible to see past the throngs of people on the dance floor so without enough room for me to bust a move, Allison and I decided tonight wasn’t the night to brave the dance floor.

As we hopped on the metro home, both of us decided partying was yet one more thing the French seemed to be better versed in than those of us from  North America. We’ll definitely be back – we have much to learn. 

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