Monday, 17 September 2012

Would you like some wine with that?

What do you get when two best friends take on the city of Paris? Late nights, days of sight seeing and too much wine! Or at least that sums up the week when my friend Rosie came to visit me in Paris. 

As soon as she arrived in Paris, we popped a bottle of champagne and made a plan of attack for her visit. Rosie had been to Paris before, so the ‘must dos’ when you come to Paris had already been taken care of allowing us to enjoy the city more slowly and for me to show her the local sides of Paris.

We shopped in the Latin Quarter, had a few picnics up at Sacre Coeur and along Canal St. Martin, shopped at the food markets, ate out at amazing restaurants and I even took her on my last bike tour! We went out with Mikayla a few times too, making the week that much better. The biggest disappointment of the trip was that the Hagen Das on the Champs Elysee only made virgin cocktails out of ice cream – a fact a coworker of mine had confused.

There was a small world moment on day two, which added another level of excitement to the trip…

Rosie and I were doing some research into a few restaurants for the upcoming week when she saw on Facebook a friend of hers from law school was in Paris! She wrote him to find out what he was doing here and it turned out he was here for the week! We met for a fantastic dinner in Montmartre. The four hour meal flew by without a minute of silence. We ended up making plans to go out for Rosie’s last night, and he met us for a night of dancing at Showcase!  

Showcase is located under Pont Alexandre III - the bridge - and the view of the seine is beautiful. It was a perfect way to end an awesome week and when it finally did get busy, did it ever fill up! With the party still going hard at 4am, Rosie, Cam and I decided it was time to head home. We hailed a cab and rehashed the events of the night the whole drive back.

I was very sad to see Rosie go the next day, but after a Parisian breakfast and some coffee we realized it would not be much longer until we saw each other again! You see, I only have 3 weeks left of this trip. September is quickly turning into the best month yet, but is unfortunately going way too fast!

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