Saturday, 11 August 2012

Familiar faces in foreign places

“Allie, I’ll see you in Paris!” This was the message I received from my cousins before arriving in Paris last week. Passing through on their way for an adventure holiday, they stopped in Paris to take in the sights, much to my excitement and we made those three days count – let me tell you!  

I met them on their second day for dinner and drinks and we caught up over a lot of wine. It’s amazing how spending time with family over a few, perhaps too many bottles of wine, can make time fly by. It seemed it had only been a few minutes before I was being dropped off in a cab outside my apartment and saw the time… 1:30am. Oops!

I had promised them a bike tour around Paris, so the next morning I added them to my tour and off we went. Afterwards, I showed them where the good shopping was and we headed off to make a dent in our bank accounts.

Spending money can get tiring so we made sure to stop at a nice little café for some wine - yes, my family can drink - before meeting their Dad for dinner at a nice French restaurant near the Eiffel Tower. Making sure to nab a good spot to see the Eiffel Tower light up, we headed over right after dinner. My cousin Jordan and I the haggled with a Parisian for some champagne. I needed to make sure they got the whole experience.

It was the perfect three day visit and came at the best time since it landed exactly halfway through my trip. That is, unless I manage to find a way to stay in Paris…

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