Monday, 9 July 2012

Chez Allie

There is a place in the 11th arrondissement of Paris that has come to be known to family and friends as ‘Chez Allie’. With the number of visitors coming to visit me while I am here, it only seems fitting to call my apartment that!

After the music festival, Tara stayed with me for 5 days. We had an absolute blast seeing the Moulin Rouge, being educated on fancy French wines in a wine cellar and eating FAR too much rich French cuisine.

Canada day happened to fall on the same day as the finals for the Euro cup, so after meeting up with a few other Canadians in Paris, we went to the Great Canadian Pub located on the seine. Ironically, there was only a handful of Canadians there, and the pub was packed with Euro cup spectators! I guess Canada day is not quite as important as soccer in France…

The highlight of the week was our last dinner. We had done our wine tasting at a place called O Chateau on Monday and were given coupons for 10% off if we went back, so for our last night we decided to return for the best meal I’ve had since coming to Paris! We sat at the bar and chatted with the bar tenders who explained the wines we were drinking and the dishes we were about to eat.

After a week like that, I say to all of you… Come stay at Chez Allie! Expect, however, to return home and hit the gym with vigour after consuming all the delicious food Paris has to offer!

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